• Scopes and Topics

  • The scopes and topics of the CWE2018 Symposium are wide-ranging and cover all aspects of computation-related wind engineering, including experimental validation. In order to assist with the review process, we ask you to identify one of the following topics in your paper submission.
  • Atmospheric & Pollutant Dispersion
  • Big Data Application to Wind Engineering
  • Bluff Body Aerodynamics
  • Bridge Aerodynamics
  • Computational Methods for Wind-Related Experiments
  • Future Computing
  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation
  • Information Technology in Wind Engineering
  • Micro & Meso-Scale Meteorology
  • Model Development
  • Model Quality Assurance
  • Wind Energy and Applications
  • Wind Environment
  • Wind Hazard Assessments
  • Wind Loading
  • Wind-Induced Human Comfort
  • Wind-Related Disaster Assessment
  • Wind-Structure Interactions
  • Other Wind Engineering
  • Applications of Optimization Methods in CWE(Convener: Santiago Hernandez)
  • Best Practice Guidelines of LES(Convener: Yoshihide Tominaga)
  • Computational Wind Load Evaluation(Convener: Girma Bitsuamlak)
  • Innovations in Wind Engineering through Optimization(Convener: Seymour MJ Spence)
  • System Identification and Vibration Control of Structures under Dynamic Wind Load(Convener: Sanghyun Lee)
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