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    The K-Hotel >> Odusan Unification Observatoy >> Imjingak(Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri) >> Conference Dinner >> The K-Hotel
  • Odusan Unification Observatoy
    The observatory was built in 1992 on Odusan Mountain which boasts a beautiful scenic view as the Hangang and Imjingang Rivers merge near the mountain. It consists of 6 floors, with 5 of them being aboveground. As the observatory is located at the northernmost truce line on the southern front, visitors can see Songaksan Mountain by Gaeseong City to the north and the 63 Building of Seoul to the south.

  • Imjingak
    Imjingak Tourist Area is a representative Korea unification tourist attraction site which was developed immediately after the North-South Joint Declaration made in 1972. It exhibits various artifacts and monuments related to the Korean War. Nearby tourist sites include the Freedom Bridge and the Peace Bell.

  • Imjingak Pyeonghwa Nuri
    Pyeonghwa Nuri was constructed on an area of 99,173m2, centering around a large grass hill, as part of the World Peace Festival held in 2005. It consists of a large outdoor theater named "The Hill of Music", which can accommodate 25,000 audiences, a floating cafe called "Hello Cafe", as well as "The Hill of Wind" which is home to 3,000 pinwheels. It is operating various cultural art programs and events all year round such as performances, exhibitions, and movies.
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